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The Week Ahead

OK, so I sorta have an idea for a manga, but… it’s only a vague concept really and it’s probably gonna come across a bit like .hack… but meh… Actually I’ve had loads of ideas in the last few days. I should write them all down. o.o

I got my copy of Harry Potter pre-ordered yesterday, I’m not sure if we’re going to pick them up at midnight, but we’ll be able to, which’ll be nice. =D And nobody is gonna ruin the ending for me this year as sister (the only other HP fan in the house) is leaving for Poland on release day, haha. I got a free book with my pre-order too, “Mister Monday.” It’s… actually quite good, it’s… weird though. Some of the humour comes across a bit Terry Pratchett and the actual setting is just plain surreal.

Aaaaand… I’m going climbing on Tuesday! (Weather permitting – Please be sunny!) I just hope brother remembers that I haven’t been climbing since February and doesn’t go planning any E1’s. xD And James is planning to bring his camera along, so there should be some photos too. (Yey!)

So now I just need my results and to get this essay finished. Can’t wait.
I finally came up with a fourth case-study, so at least that’s a start.

Neo Magazine Manga contest

Neo Magazine is holding it’s usual manga-competition this year. The prize isn’t exactly massive, but even coming in the top 5 would get my work published in a pretty major magazine… which would be nice. Plus, the prize is like, art supplies, which will be really useful since I have to spend the summer messing with different styles and media.

So now I just have to think of a story I can tell in 5 pages… 

This could take a while…


I’m hoping to enter RSOM again this year. Only this time my entry won’t… y’know… suck. Or be sent off the day before final deadline. >.> I had a pretty cool premise last year, I just executed it really badly. So my plan is to work out a decent narrative that gets across what I want to get across and then draw it properly.

Even if I don’t win I’ll have a nice portfolio piece.


I suspect somebody on is leeching one of my images.

Only I can’t find out who or what or where because my matrixstats doesn’t show enough hits for it to appear. =/


In other news, I finally have my hiking boots. They’re blue and look awesome. ^_^

EDIT: Found the little pest.

Uh, wha..?

This is actually kinda amusing… in a… wtf kinda way. See according to my matrixstats, somebody hit this blog the other day looking for Naruto Porn. Erm… now… just a hunch, but I suspect you’re looking in the wrong place.

Good Old Google…

It does seem to be hitting this blog on some really random search words.

In other news, I had my first troll last week.

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