Whoo! And Ow!

So I finallly climbed an actual mountain! Well, most of one. The climbing clubs’ traditional trip to North Wales was last weekend. And it was the wrong weather for actual climbing, so we went for a scramble up Tryfan instead. Pretty nice to start with, albeit hard work, I have a lovely picture of me sitting on the Cannon, about halfway up.

It did get a bit scary near the summit though because we were up in the clouds so it was wet and windy, so all the rocks were slippery and the wind was making a pretty determined effort to blow us off the mountain. So we were within about 50 metres of the summit when we decided things were getting too dangerous and found a way around and down the other side.

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I finally finally finally managed to pull together a plan for my Neo manga contest entry. *glee* Now I just hafta draw it up full size and neat, and post it off before Friday.

Right… best get to it then…

In other news, I went climbing the other day, for the first time in… about six months. And… I fail at teh climb, omg… I couldn’t even do the first move on this crag, it was like, the first good hold was a good 3 inches above my hand at full stretch and standing on the highest possible hold.

I was not impressed. And my fingers were all sore because all the callouses that had built up to protect them have basically gone, and… ow… yea…

Aaaand~ I’m finally making some progress on the essay-of-suck. So that’s a good start… I’d hoped to have it finished by this weekend, but we’ll see… =/

And my tablet’s bust. See, a few weeks back my mum was fixing my PC and she broke one of the USB sockets… and my tablet was plugged into said socket at the time… and it’s only now after I’ve spent weeks hunting for/re-installing the drivers that I notice the end of the cable is blocked with socket-bits.


Still, maybe this will be that excuse to upgrade I’ve been waiting for.

Oh, and Deathly Hallows for the win! (Uh, potential comment-spoilers..? I guess. Consider yourself warned.)

OH! And, I saw the first two episodes of Heroes today. How cool is Hiro!?

Aaaand omguguys can we not be discussing the merits (or lack thereof) of the iPod. That was totally not the point of my last post. The bit about the iPod was like… a footnote, lol. (It’s fixed, by the way. Awesome-bf-Jimmi fixded it.)


I meant to update this last weekend, but then I was busy with stuff. Oh well…

So last weekend I was on a mountaineering trip in Wales (we were somewhere in the region of Snowdon, it was awesome.)

Anyway, I got very muddy and wet getting to the first climb, but I did manage to borrow some climbing shoes, so at least I didn’t have to climb in soggy Skechers lol. Left my camera in the car on Sunday, but Andy did take one pretty cool pic of me.

This was at the top of the crag, so it very possible it’s as high as it looks. Got pretty windy the second time I was climbing, that was… fun…

Ooh, we stayed in a sorta hut thing outside Bethesda, and we had breakfast in a cafe in Llanberis called Pete’s Eats, it was bright blue and they serve tea in pint mugs, it was quite possibly the most amazing thing I’ve ever seen, lol.

The view around the “hut” was fantastic though, I’ll try to get some pics up on my devART page.

Anyways, last week I went into Hanley and bought my own climbing shoes/harness, which cost me way too much money lol.