Packing Up

Haha, several people have told me I should update more… so here’s a new post…

Well… I’ve been getting all my stuff packed up for uni… I went to look at the house the other day, it looks like I’ve been really lucky with which room I’ve got. It has a double bed with a new mattress on it, and a fairly decent carpet and other furniture. And no funny smells either.

Unfortunately it looks like I won’t have any phone for about 3 weeks and no internet for about 4 weeks. That’s going to make life very difficult.

I just had the weirdest dream…

Yea, I was playing this computer game or something, and there was this huge paper bird that I was controlling, and I had to do missions, like protecting smaller birds and stuff. And then I suddenly fly through a window (even though there were none anywhere nearby and I was outside anyway…) And then I’m not the bird I’m something holding onto the bird… and I hear Keehars’ theme from Watership Down and then, I let go… and I hit water, and then I bounce, and fall again only I never hit because I woke up in my bed and I felt like I was still floating in mid-air because I couldn’t feel my legs or the mattress underneath me… (normally I feel like I’ve slammed into the mattress when I have these kind of dreams…)

‘Twas all very strange… O.o


Greetings humans, 😉

I dunno what I’m gonna put here or anything, I’m sure I’ll come up with something… Anything happens you’ll be the first to know lol…