Commissions are open!


These prices are for personal (non-commercial) commissions.

For commercial commissions or anything that doesn’t fit under these headings, please contact me by e-mail, twitter, or by leaving a comment on this blog.

Manga (Standard) – £30 [example]
.Additional characters after the first are £5-10 each

Manga (Chibi) – £15 [example]
.Additional characters after the first are £5 each

Emote Packs – £1 [example1][example2]
.Additional emotes after the first 25 are £1 for every 10

Business Cards –
.1-sided – £20
.2-sided – £30

Logos – £30

I will also provide concept art, character and costume design, in-game artwork, and a few other things I’ve probably forgotten. If you want something and it’s not listed, ask!


Manga Pieces

All manga pieces are as follows;

.Digitally inked and coloured
.Simple/cel shading
.Simple/plain background (For complex backgrounds add £5-10)
.Full Body

Chibi pieces will be A5. Standard peices will be A4. All pieces are at 300DPI.

Manga pieces will be completed within 10 days.

Emote Packs

When commissioning emote packs, please specify the following;

.Size (the default is 15 x 15 pixels)
.Type (proboards, wordpress, etc)
.Format (the default is .gif)
.Any other specifics.

Emote packs will be completed within 2 days.

Business Cards

When commissioning business cards, please specify;

.Size (Default is 8.5cm x 5.5cm)
.Any logos or colours

Please also provide any logos and information to be used on the cards. .psd files will be provided after payment is completed.


Logos are all created at large size. Please provide information regarding specific colours or elements you wish to use. psd files will be provided after payment is completed.

If you want something other than what is offered here, or if you have any questions, feel free to e-mail me and we’ll discuss it. Humans and humanoids are my strong point, but I’ll give anything a go.


I will not draw the following under any circumstances;

.Porn/mature content
.Copyrighted characters

I also will not eyeball or copy another person’s art or style.

There are probably things I’ve missed, ultimately, commissions will be taken at my discretion and mine alone.

I reserve the right to decline your commission if I feel unable to fulfill your request. In that situation, I will tell you so before any money changes hands.

You may use your commission in any way you please as long as the use is non-commercial. After all you’ve paid for it; however, do not claim it as your own work.



Payment for manga pieces will be taken upon customer approval of the sketch. Payment for emote packs will be taken in advance. For logos and Business Cards, I will send samples for approval, after which, I will send large files and .psd files.

Payment will be taken via Paypal.