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Life update.

So I should probably explain the lack of posts?
I’ve been really, really busy. With what?
Well. This, for a start. We have numerous games on the way, and one in particular involved some very intensive work on my part (that is now finished, for the moment.)

Cosplay, is the other thing. So. Much. Cosplay. (Also this one, which I didn’t get any decent pictures of. :()

I’ve also taken up archery (I start my coaching course in a few weeks!), learnt to drive, got a retail job, and begun the process of moving house.

So. It’s been a bit hectic.

Anyways there’s a bunch of new stuff in the gallery, so go take a look!

Still Alive 2 – The Sequel

I guess I haven’t updated in a while. Let me explain.

At first, there was nothing going on that was worth blogging about. Then, everything pretty much happened all in one go (including getting and then losing a job within a month because the company went under). I’m only just getting things together enough to even begin to explain them. For simplicity’s sake I’ll take this one thing at a a time.

Get comfy, this could take a while. Read more


Iiin case you haven’t noticed, there’ve been some changes around here. Hopefully for the better.

With that in mind, I want to bring back the uh… blogging, aspect… of this blog. I’ll try to make it interesting. 🙂 I’ll also be backdating in some art and possibly some blogs as well.

Oh, and I get to go and adjust all the links on the art pages. Fun times man, fun times.

Nearly done.

Layout – Done!
Emotes – Done!
Favicon – Done!

All that’s left is to set up some pages and get my posts organised. (Just the long, tedious part then.)


As you can see, I’ve finally managed to customise the layout. There are still some adjustments to make, but overall I’m pretty pleased with the progress.

Also, I customised the emotes, so they no longer look like PHPBB defaults.

Ninja Scribbles Emotes - Blue

Like ’em?

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