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Blogathon Post 48

Forty-ninth Sketch! (A bonus for the awesome ‘thoners.)

2:00pm 29/07/07

So… I made it!

Final total is $51.13 so, about £30. Not bad for a first attempt methinks.

You can keep donating though. Right up until Tuesday in fact. *HintHint!*

It… was actally kinda fun, Read more

Blogathon Post 47

Forty-eighth Sketch! (Not far now!)

1:30pm 29/07/07

Wee Fairy girl. Came out a bit blurry again. =/

Blogathon Post 46

Forty-seventh Sketch!

1:00pm 29/07/07

Chibi Kitty! Meooowww~ ^o^

Blogathon Post 45

Forty-sixth Sketch!

12:30pm 29/07/07

An Elephant. Suggested by Star.

Blogathon Post 44

Forty-Fifth Sketch!

12:00pm 29/07/07

My Mercenary character. She looks like a Mario brother gone wrong.

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