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Tanned and Nerdy

AKA The “OMG! E3!” Post

‘Cause that’s where I was. In LA. At E3. 😀

Me! At E3!

Fun, for definite, a slightly surreal experience in some ways.
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Still Alive 2 – The Sequel

I guess I haven’t updated in a while. Let me explain.

At first, there was nothing going on that was worth blogging about. Then, everything pretty much happened all in one go (including getting and then losing a job within a month because the company went under). I’m only just getting things together enough to even begin to explain them. For simplicity’s sake I’ll take this one thing at a a time.

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Character Sketch – The Merchant’s Daughter 1

Preview Image - Click to Enlarge

Character doodle that got out of hand; I’m probably going to change her outfit quite a bit, hence the one. Read more


Preview Image - Click to Enlarge

This is pretty much me trying to channel fannish obsession into something productive. It seems to be working~

I had fun with the lighting on this. :3

Autmn Sunset

Preview Image - Click to Enlarge

An autumn sunset. I’ve been finishing off some old pictures on my new tablet.

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Scribbling Ninja

Cazzie in Pixels

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