About Me:

Cazzie (scribblingninja)
Human Female
Illustrator (9)
Neutral Good

STR – 10
DEX – 14
CON – 10
INT – 12
WIS – 12
CHA – 8

I’m from Manchester, UK, and I’m a Graphic Design graduate with a very heavy focus on illustration.

My main thing is digital illustration, but I like to play around with different media. I also dabble in crafts and other creative fields as well as photography.

My passion is and probably always will be manga-style drawings, but I’m always looking to develop new methods, styles and skills. Like many people who draw manga, I would love to write a comic, and I enjoy the process of creating characters and building worlds. My ambition is to illustrate fantasy novels. Or any novels, really, but fantasy is what I enjoy drawing the most.

I am part of the team who created Bossbaddie’s Really Big Sky, functioning as a concept artist and tester, as well as doing other general development tasks. I also demo games at conventions and participate in the occasional interview.

My hobbies outside of drawing are mostly reading and gaming. I also climb and hike, when I find the time and weather. I’m into tabletop gaming, as you may have gathered from the stats.

I also sing with Salford Choral Society.

About the site:

“Ninja Scribbles” refers mainly to the influence of anime, manga and other aspects of Japanese culture on my art. (I also think ninja are really cool.)

The site started out as journal of my life as a student, as well as a place to post art and photographs, but it’s slowly evolved into a portfolio/gallery, and my life is no longer the focus of the blog (apart from climbing stories and anything particularly interesting that happens.)

Contact Me:

If you have any questions, comments etc, feel free to drop me an e-mail, or leave a comment below.

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