Blogamathon~! (sponsor me plxthx?)

So, I’ve been debating whether to try this or not, and after much consideration, what the hey, I’m going for it. =)

I’m gonna have a go at this year’s blogathon. I have a charity and everything. =)

So basically I have to stay up for 24 hours starting from 2pm on Saturday, and make a blog post every half-hour to prove I’m still awake.

My mum suggested this charity called “CRY” who raise awareness of things like Sudden Death Syndrome and other heart-related illnesses in young people and y’know what? Their website phrases it so much better, so… go there and give it a lookie. ^_^

And then sponsor me? Please? (I think you’ll have to login to sponsor me… but… it’s for a good cause..?)

What I’m thinking of doing is, half-hour sketches (now that my scanner is up and running again). So basically I come up with a theme and draw a sketch on that theme, which I upload. (And yes, I’d love it if people could suggest some.)

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